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The Capital Markets group works closely with Sales, Credit, Operations, Legal and the rest of the TCF Capital Solutions (TCFEF) team to achieve strategic areas of portfolio growth, to manage customer exposure, and to acquire select assets within existing market segments.

Capital Markets Activities:

Syndication Sell:

The Capital Markets group syndicates transactions with current customers having reached or nearing maximum exposure limits with TCF.  Key attributes are as follows:

  • Transaction size > $150M
  • Favorable pay history with TCF
  • Full sale of Lease Purchase, True Lease, TRAC Lease & Loans
  • New and existing transactions


The Capital Markets group seeks opportunities for companies and portfolio purchases ranging from a variety of sizes and markets.  Key attributes are as follows:

  • $15MM+ portfolio size
  • Diversification among credits
  • Alignment with core TCF business segments
  • Fast transaction cycle - ability to close in 30-45 days

Syndication Buy:

The Capital Markets group purchases transactions from Banks and Leasing Companies selling transactions primarily due to their current exposure with certain customers being capped.  Key attributes are as follows:

  • Transaction size $500M to $2MM
  • Market segments that are similar or related to TCF's segments
  • Seller holding ~2-3X amount syndicated
  • Favorable pay history with seller
  • Full term leases and loans
  • Limited residual risk

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